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Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, involves implanting pigments into the upper layers of the skin to enhance facial features. Here’s a brief description of the most common types:


Lip Blushing

This method creates a soft, powdered effect that resembles eyebrow makeup. It’s great for those who prefer a more defined and fuller look.

Screen Shot 2024-06-19 at 2.39.20 PM.png

Powder Brows

A technique that adds color to the entire lips, giving them a fuller and more youthful appearance. It can be subtle, mimicking a natural lip tone, or more vibrant.

Screen Shot 2024-06-19 at 2.53.48 PM.png


Permanent eyeliner focuses on subtly defining and enhancing the natural lash line. Unlike traditional eyeliner tattoos, which can create bold and dramatic looks, enhancement eyeliner aims for a more natural, understated appearance.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup

-Time-Saving: Reduces the need for daily makeup application.
-Consistency: Ensures a perfect look at all times, regardless of activities like swimming or exercising.
-Enhancement: Enhances natural features and can correct asymmetries or cover scars.

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